Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Al Qaeda eyes bio attack via Mexico border

Al Qaeda eyes bio attack via Mexico border

Doubt that they are seeking to ally themselves with "White Militia" groups. They wouldn't blend in too well. Moreover, when you read about the "white militia" groups, what has their stance been on illegal immigration and the border fence?

The bio-terrorsim part however, should make people pause on the H1N1 virus that started in Mexico.

There is the drug cartel connection that has been published on this site. And that connections leads to places like Detroit, stomping grounds of Quasand Lewis

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Anonymous said...

This has been in the works for years,yet our government refuses to secure either border. Perhaps when ricine or anthrax contamination of a Los Angles or San Diego subway station, just like the evens of Japan, will the government take border security seriously.