Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did Obama Sell His Soul to Russia : US, Kyrgyzstan Reach Deal on Continued Use of Manas Air Base

Russia's Putin likes to play bad cop with Obama when it comes to the economy. Obama wants to play the good cop with nukes and foreign affairs with Russia.

Obama and Putin are from the same cloth and the talk may be slightly off key from each other but they walk the same.

Russia's official position on Iran:

Lavrov said the Russian side had congratulated the Iranian president when the results of the presidential election were announced. “As to fairness, openness and democratic nature of the election, these matters should be decided on the basis of Iranian laws,” the Russian minister stressed. “As far as I can see, a debate in Iranian society, also at the top level, is conducted on these themes, and appropriate measures are taken.”

At the same time Lavrov expressed concern over “the outbreaks of violence in Tehran and other cities” and called on everyone “to show restraint, to keep from infringing Iranian law.” “This is in the interests of the development of Iranian society, in the interests of stability,” he said.

Obama's position on Georgia:

“We call on the Georgian government and on everybody who is going to take part in the April 9 demonstration to do their best and ensure that the action is peaceful, and no violence brakes out,” State Department spokesman Robert Wood was quoted by Novosti Gruzia as saying.

“As Georgia’s friends, the United States stand by all of its citizens making an effort to build democracy,” he said.

The difference here is with Obama the good cop. He is no real friend to Georgia. He will sell them out in a minute.

In the latest news on the Afghanistan front, the question has to be asked; what did Obama sell to Russia to keep military operations in Kyrgyzstan?

The United States and Kyrgyzstan have reached a deal on the continued use of a Kyrgyz air base to transport supplies for the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

The news comes four months after Kyrgyzstan's parliament voted to evict U.S. troops from the Manas air base near the country's border with Kazakhstan.

I talked about the horse trading that was taking place between Putin's Medvedev and Obama at the G20. And it is horse trading that Governor Palin should pay attention to.

Obama's way of conducting foreign policy is to go along with Russia. Not operate from a point of strength.

So what did Obama sell to Russia to keep the base open? What price is the United States going to pay?

For starters,

Obama is doing nothing on Georgia. And Russia needs Georgia to run pipelines. Guess who wins there. Putin.

On the missile defense system. Obama is talking about partnering up with Russia on a missile defense system. This is what Russia wants. Putin wins.

On Iran, Russia takes the position of enabler with the current regime in Iran. That is what Russia wants. Putin wins.

Putin's Medvedev and the U.S. talk about arms reduction when Russia through its proxy countries like Iran, use their (Iran's) build up as a means to hold an upper hand over the United States. You see, Iran can achieve parity in a quicker manner when the United States reduces its arms. The United States loses, Putin wins and Obama leaves the United States vulnerable.

Of course the MSM won't talk about it. They will just point to the holding of hands between Putin's Medvedev and Obama with regard to talks on nuclear arms reduction between the U.S. and Russia and the partnering of a missile defense system against Iran.

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