Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran Plays Politics in Sports so the U.S. Should Play it Back

I wasn't kidding when I said the United States should lead the charge on kicking North Korea out of the 2010 World Cup and seek to revoke the decision to hold the Olympics in Sochi Russia.

I stated that politics has always played a role in sports. From Hilter's political ambitions to use the Olympics as a political statement, to Jesse Owens' victories at the Olympics held in Germany becoming a political smack down; to the Israeli olympic team being killed by Palestinian terrorists; to the one fist held in the air salute of the black power movement; to green wrist bands being worn by members of Iran's soccer team, sports has always been a venue for the public display of politics.

From the individual to countries, that is a reality.

And a most recent display of politics in sports is Iran's decision to expel from the team, members who displayed their solidarity with the opposition.

June 17: Iran's national soccer team players pose, some wearing green wristbands in a sign of support for Iranian opposition leader.

This leaves the door open for a movement within congress to take Iran's actions and turn it around and force the issue of removing North Korea from the 2010 World Cup and revoke the decision to hold the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

As long as Russia plays the enabler, then they should be held accountable and the U.S. would be on the high ground on taking the position, while pointing to Iran's actions towards the individuals on the soccer team.

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