Monday, June 08, 2009

Dumb and Dumber: North Korea, CBS News, A.P. and Whats-her-name

First to North Korea: N. Korea Sentences 2 U.S. Journalists to 12 Years of Hard Labor

And then on to CBS News Headlines - North Korea: Extreme But Not Crazy

Meanwhile the one with the smarts (Palin), gets left out of an A.P. story on North Korea that the ADN prints.

And last but not least, What's-her-name at Mudflats is still bantering on about Palin's shoes, Palin was this, Palin did this, Palin ate ice cream, Palin etc, etc, while one of her following idiot bloggers hiding out in a secret location, unwittingly reveals their location by publishing a photo of their neighbors' houses across the street from their own house.

Just think; hearing a conservative blogger saying "Boy that one sure looks like my house..... Wait a minute it is...."

Thank God they are truly a minority. The world can only hold so many idiots.

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