Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fort Rich garrison commander steps down

Fort Rich garrison commander steps down

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- There was a change in the command at Fort Richardson on Tuesday.

Col. David Shutt stepped down as garrison commander after three years. Al Lucht, the public works director for the U.S. Army Garrison Alaska, took over responsibility for the post until a new commanding officer reports to Fort Richardson next month.

Hmmm. I'll have to ask Robin Boernor about this one...


Anonymous said...

I find the timing interesting. It's like rats jumping ship. Wanita Pressley left last month. Her husband Malcom AKA Donald Pressley (military Intelligence LTC and Director of Plans and Operations)is supposed to be leaving. All three were involved in covering up the Civil Rights violations of John R. Mitchell.

Col Shutt did two AR15-6 investigations. Mitchell's that showed that the evidence submitted into Judge John Sedwick's court by the Alaskan US Attorney's were fraudulent and one he just finished one about Civil Rights violations of laundry personnel. Taking slots set aside for the disabled and hiring the daughter inlaws of the laundry manager. In their twenties and healthy.

It took Sen JOHN McCAIN's personal intervention to get Mitchell's AR15-6 released over the objection of Judge Sedwick and the Alaska's US Attorney's Office and the DOL people are still waiting for Shutt to release his investigation of the laundry hiring practices. It was promised to be in one workers hands by June 10th and she still hasn't received her copy. That person has also asked Sen JOHN McCAIN to look into why Shutt is writing an AR15-6 investigation that he refuses to release under the FOIA as required by law.

MY question is why didn't this so called "honorable" man speak out when he found out Wanita Pressley, then EEO specialist at Ft Richardson was burying EEO problems and then submitting fraudulent documents into court?

Tom, you and Eddie Burke have been the two people interested in investigating this story. Please keep a handy link to the fraudulent Ft Rich documents up. The public needs to know how the official policy at Ft Rich was war profiteering at the expense of the Civil Rights of the disabled.

Robin Boerner

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Colonel Shutt left in a hurry because there may be some evidence of a kick back at Fort Richardson? Let's start with this link, where a very interesting article about hiring the disabled into federal positions at Fort Rich may be found., Yes Tom Rentz makes this idea sound very admirable, notice how he is the one credited for partnering Fort Richardson with the Alaska State Department of Labor. Pay attention to how many people are turned away each year from the Alaska State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and how much money is recieved when Fort RIch hires a DVR client. Now the Quartermaster Laundry at Fort Rich recieved a Governor's award in 2003, (which Tom Rentz who supervises the Laundry is gratefull to accept) for the hiring of disabled clients through the DVR program., So as you read this article take note that Carolyn Kennedy plant manager and Brenda Brown,office manager(they are life long friends, how convient)"consistently turn to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to hire job-ready employees. These two ladies have hired individuals to fill not only their technical production jobs but also higher-level management positions located throughout the Army post." WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE! Tom Rentz is now the EEO manager and if you work at the Laundry YOU ARE SO SCREWED! WHAT business does management at a laundry have hiring people into higher levels of management through out the post? Unless it is to hire their non-disabled friends and family members into permanent positions and give the awards, training and promotions, CHEATING THE DISABLED! Both of Brenda Brown's daughter in laws, Roshon Helm and Chantell Stadman-Helm are employed at the laundry, but isn't that nepotism, why not complain to DVR, the Labor board, some body? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT! Carolyn Kennedy's boyfriend Dan Hay is the head of maintanence, this can be proven through the website where Carolyn Kennedy pays $2000 to get her EMPLOYEE out of jail on his 2nd DWI. Go ahead and check out the Sons of Legoin- thru the American Legion Peters Creek- this is the same Dan Hay who is a CHAPLIN? Oh and notice Brenda Brown's husband is named on the same page. SHAME ON YOU THE STATE OF ALASKA AND ALL THOSE CHEATING THE DISABLED!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots. Shutt couldn't have "stepped down" of his own volition if he wanted to. He got orders somewhere else, simple as that. The typical length of a garrison commander assignment is 2-3 years, which as the article says, is just how long Shutt was in command.

As for "leaving in a hurry," I assume you're getting that impression from Al Lucht's role as interim commander. Shutt's replacement was supposed to arrive June, but then decided he wanted his family to dally along the Alcan instead. The change of command date would have been pushed back, but Shutt was required to be in the lower 48 for training before he deployed. Hence, an interim.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is all very mundane. You should find something else to bitch about.

Stacy L. Hawkins said...

I find it ironic that the person who wants to down play and sugar coat this is a coward, Anonymous? I still have the receipt (kept in several different safe places!) and cover sheet where I faxed an illegal Memo that was issued through Colonel Shutt's office, with in a week he stepped down, how freaking convenient is that? You may see this as mundane but justice does not prevail if people sit back and say nothing! (or even sugar coat the truth!) EVIL wins when good does nothing!

Anonymous said...

Um, does anyone here know how the army works? People don not "step down", they get assigned to other duty stations.