Monday, June 29, 2009

Is John Conyers Next?

Is John Conyers Next?

The aide, Sam Riddle, said Conyers even helped draft a letter sent by her husband, Congressman John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., to help a man with whom she had financial ties. It is unclear whether John Conyers knew of his wife's alleged link to the businessman.

In that deal, Riddle said, Monica Conyers arranged for Riddle to get a $20,000 contract with Greektown entrepreneur Dimitrios (Jim) Papas in about 2007. Riddle said Papas hired him for crisis consulting and political advising -- but he was never asked to do any work. She then demanded $10,000 of that money as a "finder's fee," Riddle said.

At some point after Papas paid him, Riddle said, John Conyers sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in support of a controversial hazardous waste injection well in Romulus that one of Papas' companies was seeking to operate.

Federal investigators examined a variety of Monica Conyers' dealings. U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said Sunday: "We didn't have any evidence the congressman was knowingly or intentionally involved in Ms. Conyers' illegal conduct."

Monica Conyers' lawyer wouldn't discuss Papas. And Papas did not return messages seeking comment

There is always a FBI agent that will go "Rogue" and tell the truth...This case on the jewelry is far from being over...

Riddle said Conyers also introduced him to the owner of Zeidman's Jewelry & Loan, a pawnshop whose efforts to relocate and expand in Southfield have become part of a federal probe into public corruption.

In that deal, Riddle said, Conyers collected jewelry from Zeidman's for her role, while Riddle received a five-figure fee and a watch from the pawnshop. Riddle said he gave some of that money to a Southfield councilman.

"You help my wife and I'll help you". And "baby look what I am wearing, guess who gave them to me", comes to mind.

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