Monday, June 29, 2009

Will Democrat Candidate Bob Poe Throw Bloggers Gryphen and Mudflats to the Curb?

Let's see it was Sunday, a day of religious rest for REAL Christians.

My apologies to any REAL Christians who may be offended by this. However it is my firm belief that REAL Christians would NEVER find something like this offensive anyhow.) Words of wisdom from Gryphen the Blogger

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Gryphen discusses how he came to get his super natural powers that helped create the image of Palin.

The lampooning of Gryphen with the video aside, here is another Friends Of Poe (FOP) and Candidate Bob Poe supporter, that Bob Poe likes to wine and dine with...

Now, I may not be a REAL Christian, but I do know this.

The Hispanic community in Anchorage will not find it amusing, the Russian and all of the other Orthodox religions in this community will not find it amusing, so Candidate Bob Poe, what say you about the display of religious expression by your supporters who you actively engage to get their support?

Things like this have a way of sticking on a candidate when the candidate likes to hang out with them. Sort of like the Rev. Wright issue but on a local scale.


Conservative Scalawag said...

It would not surprise me if someone from the left did this, then passed it off as a Palin supporter idea.

No,I don't find it offensive as much as I find it silly.

We,unlike the Obama-bots, don't see her as a messonic idol. We see her as a person,who shares the same values, morals,and ethics as many other Americans.

Tom said...

CS, one of the bloggers that is supportive of Poe was the designer of the photoshopped icon.

The Russian Orthodox community won't appreciate it as well as the other Orthodox religons.

The Hispanics hold the Virgin in high regard and any mocking won't be found amusing as well.

This one should play out with the attention being placed on Bob Poe and his supporters who come up with this.

Make him start answering to his supporters actions.

Afterall he is running for Governor.

The heat should be on Poe.