Sunday, June 14, 2009

More on John Yoo

Even the opposition thinks the case against John Yoo will be overturned..

He'll probably get overturned on appeal, but if and when he does, at least U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White will have gone down fighting and with candor.

Mr. Cohen should remember the old saying be careful on what you ask for..... There may be a time when a position he favors comes under the same legal ramifications.


Patty Hewes said...
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Anonymous said...

Do you even know if Palin is getting political advice on national issues in ak? It seems like she isn't at all interested in following the daily on goings in the white house.

I am somewhat worried about the lady. She has a lot to learn before she even considers running national.

Can she take on the mitt Romney of the world in a debate?