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The Waterboarding of John Yoo: A Case For The United States Supreme Court

CBS has a story on a federal judge's ruling that a convicted terrorist can sue a former Bush administration lawyer John Yoo.

I am going to bring up two entirely different issue here.

One, this case if it continues, it will reach the USSC and it will be heard. It's that important of a case. And the federal judge's ruling will be overturned by the Court.


The second issue is John Yoo and Governor Palin. She needs to be careful on who she aligns herself with because policies and stances of some that have latched onto her political rise can cause problems for her.

Case in point, Wally Hickel, Andree McCleod and Wev Shea.

Two have been in the news of late, but Wev Shea hasn't and when he is, he likes to play the role of the know-it-all when it came to federal prosecutors like Bottini and others, only to have egg thrown on his face when it is found misconduct had been committed by them.

A while back, on the ADN, Wev Shea and I got in a spat about Bottini and federal prosecutors and John Yoo's name came up over waterboarding.

Here is the exchange.

October 31, 2007 - 11:46pm tlamb775

Just curious:

what did you think of the DOJ's handling of Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino indictment?

Politics involved in his indictment?

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November 1, 2007 - 9:05am wws

Wev on DOJ Prosecution Standards

Dear T. Lamb:

Any prosecutor who lies to a judge should be terminated and prosecuted.

Any prosecutor who withholds evidence the defense is entitled to should be terminated and prosecuted.

Any prosecutor who obstructs justice should be terminated and prosecuted.

The same is true for any law enforcement officer who is a party to such prosecutorial conduct.

Federal prosecutors should be held to a very high standard.

Alaska's poltical corruption prosecutions, to my knowledge, do not have prosecutors who have participated in any of the above unconscionable conduct.

But I firmly believe federal terrorism prosecutions have been handled incompetently by DOJ; they are unique.

Former AUSA Richard Convertino's prosecution involved his handling of a "terrorism" prosecution.

John Yoo set GWB's DOJ terrorism standards as defined in his treatise The Powers of War and Peace.

Professor Yoo's analysis "allowed" the government a much wider range of conduct in terrorism prosecutions.

Professor Yoo was "dead wrong" in his terriorism counsel to GBW and DOJ.

Professor Yoo's "creation" of "unique" presidential power related to torture and terrorism prosecutions has compromised GWB and DOJ.

To more fully understand AUSA Convertino's prosecution problems I suggest you read/study The Powers of War and Peace for a start.

You will probably be as shocked as I am at the incompetence.

AUSA Convertino with Professor Yoo's counsel felt he was not obligated to seek justice; terrorism prosecutions to them are unique.

In the terrorism arena GWB and DOJ have a serious problem.

But the political corruption prosecutions in Alaska have not been tainted by Professor John Yoo's incompetence!!

Professor Yoo's analysis was endorsed the "Neocon" culture of incompetence in various GWB Administration departments: Defense, State, etc.

I hope this is helpful; it is just my reserved opinion.

Wev Shea

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November 1, 2007 - 10:46am tlamb775

He was acquitted by a jury............................ And I understand it's your reserved opinion.

Don't know if the problems are with the "Neocon" as you say or rather than with guys like Conyers and Dems.

The waterboarding issue is just the front cover headlines for them.

I'm sure Professor Yoo's background is influenced by having had North Korea as a neighbor.

If you were ever stationed in South Korea you would understand their (South Koreans) take on the seriousness of a threat.

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November 1, 2007 - 4:28pm wws

Truth - Torture and "Water Boarding"

Dear Madam/Sir T. Lamb:

I had 3 very close friends killed in North Vietnam.

I knew numerous POWs in Hanoi.

I was shot at day after day.

Torture and water boarding are inhumane. I know!!

Professor Yoo and GWB did lead a much different life than me.

Professor Yoo and GWB did not have friends tortured.

Neither did VP Dick Cheney and his Chief of Staff Scooter Libby ... and I can say the same for every member of GWB's
"childlike" Neocon team ...

They were "deferred" and/or totally avoided Military Service ... just like Bill Clinton.

Ask Senator John McCain about torture in the Hanoi Hilton?

Or just ask me about "breaking" in survival school after escape and evision when I was "captured"?

Or maybe just ask me how real my "interrogation" was?

Water boarding is not just a "front" ... it can break anyone.

That is why I spent years working on Project POW/MIA for the
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association.

And, oh yes, I came within 4 hours of bombing Wonson Harbor North Korea in February 1968.

I knew North Korea pretty well!

Sure, Professor John Yoo knows more about torture and the threat to South Korea than I do.

Absolutely not!

I'll debate Professor Yoo anytime on his naive analysis.

Next question, "Lambo"!!?

Wev Shea

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November 1, 2007 - 9:58pm tlamb775

Why don't you

ask the terroists if they give a damn about John McCain or your story about tortured Americans.

Bush should take this case and lay it on the Dems on the Senate Judiciary and tell them the people have spoken.

And then tell the Dems you don't like my nomination? Too bad. Deal with it and start praising the jury.

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November 2, 2007 - 7:22am wws

Wev's Qur'an Analysis ... Want a Copy!

Dear Madam/Sir T. Lamb:

I would like to "deal with your" first!

Would you like a copy of my detailed Qur'an analysis?

I know quite a bit more about Islamic terrorism than you do!

And I know more about how the terrorists think than you do!

But I'll be happy to educate you on Islam and/or terrorism.

Next question "Lambo"?!!

Wev Shea

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November 3, 2007 - 8:04pm tlamb775

It's sir and I am impressed that you know all about me without knowing my gender. You are bigger than life.

Bush attorney general nominee gets key Democratic support

So much for the waterboarding controversy BS. A CIA agent can't last more than seconds under it. More effective and humane than cutting off someones head.

Now all Bush has to do is put the missile defense system right in Latvia along the Russian border and if Putin doesn't like it then we can paint the words "Ty moyo solnyshko" on it.

Those damn Iranians that you know so much about would love that.

It's been a pleasure chatting.

Many people in Alaska like to think of Wev Shea as a conservative. I will leave it up to the reader to decide, but one thing is for sure, Wev has taken a position that mirrors that of a judge who would be overturned in a heartbeat and Palin would be wise to be very careful on who she trusts politically.

She has much to gain and too much to lose if she cultivates the wrong political ties.

We now know the outcome of the Vic Kohring trial and we now can see an ex-federal prosecutor who saw no red flags in the prosecution's case when they were pointed out on this website and the ADN's website, but instead, he sees problems with Professor Yoo's opinion on waterboarding.

By definition, a "neocon" is one that supported McCain on issues like waterboarding and a "neocon" is less skeptical of government, hence Wev's belief in the federal prosecution's case in the Vic Korhing trial.

And last but not least, there is the neocon approach to Islam, which Wev has demonstrated in his above statements which mirrors Obama's opinion on the matter.

One of naivete...

So I would ask Wev Shea, who is the "neocon" when it comes to waterboarding? Bush or himself.

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