Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Conyers: A Match Made on Corruption

Add another twist to the corruption charges against Monica Conyers.

A new scandal surfaced Friday morning surrounding Detroit city council president pro tem Monica Conyers.

According to a report in the Detroit News, federal agents are investigating allegations that Conyers received thousands of dollars in jewelry from a Detroit pawn shop.

The Detroit News report said that the owner of Zeidman Jewelry and Loan gave Conyers up to $40,000 in jewelry to discourage a plan to increase regulation of his type of business.

There are other allegations that Conyers was to receive a payment for a favorable vote on an investment proposal when she was a trustee for the General Retirement System.

The allegations related to the pawn shop have surfaced as part of a wide-ranging investigation of corruption within the Detroit City Hall.

Meanwhile, calls of a conflict of interest are being thrown at Rep. John Conyers.

It would be an interesting time to see former NBA star Dave Bing run against John Conyers.

As Michigan Messenger reported Tuesday night, at the end of the Detroit special mayoral election victory party for Dave Bing at the Doubletree hotel, Monica Conyers appeared on stage wearing a hat with her name boldly stitched into it. That seemed a little odd since Conyers’ husband, U.S. Rep. John Conyers, had endorsed Bing’s opponent, Ken Cockrel Jr., during the race. According to a well-placed source who was at Bing victory party, Conyers was not only not invited to be there, but was told to get off stage — in no uncertain terms.

My bet is Bing would win in a heart beat...

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Anonymous said...

And folks wonder why this city is collasping like the Romain Empire of old?

It is your government, Stupid.

Kick them out and start over is the only option and answer.