Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Federal Constitutional Crisis: Rep. John Conyers is a Congressman

Only in these here United States, can we have a corrupt politician like Conyers, who is married to an indicted corrupt politician, and doesn't read bills when he signs on the dotted line, remain a Congressman.

Now the corrupt Congressman wants a constitutional amendment making health care a Bill of Rights.

Someone should ask Conyers if he has even read the constitution or does he leave it to the lawyers to read it.

And who should pay for this right?

If I want to own my own gun, I buy one. The government doesn't buy me a gun. The government does however, try to take away or diminish that right.

If I want to speak and want to pay for it, that is my right. The government doesn't buy me air time to speak. The government does however, try to take away or diminish that right.

So if health care is a right like owning a gun or paying to exercise my first amendment right, who should pay for it?

If I want the right to health care, I pay for it or choose to work for a company that chooses to pay for it. Now it seems Conyers is hell-bent on trying to allow the government to take away that right or diminish that right by calling it a right.

It is that simple.

Maybe there should be a constitutional amendment that states you can't be a congressman if you sleep with a crook, don't read the laws you sign and spout such nonsense like Conyers does.

Now there is a constitutional crisis that needs fixing.

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