Saturday, July 25, 2009

Governor's Picnic at Delaney Parkstrip (Update Final Thoughts on Sarah Palin the Person)

Just got back from Governor's picnic. Wireless hell. I have few pics to post. Eddie Burke will have an interesting Monday show.

Will update with pics and story on Eddie.


I will update later this evening with my thoughts on the picnic and on where Sarah Palin stands with many Alaskans.

And last but not least, about Randy and Eddie. Interesting tidbit that will be coming up Monday on his show.


There are two times that I have seen Sarah Palin comfortable. The first time was when she spoke during the Anchorage Republican Women's luncheon and today.

When you see Sarah Palin on camera, it is different to when you see the person in real life.

The person is filtered through the lens of the camera and you don't get a sense of the person.

Unfortunately, I missed the first part of the event where Governor Palin spoke, but I was fortunate to see Sarah Palin the person serving at the food line.

If you were to really examine the last year and see what had transpired in politics, you can say that the V.P. nomination of Governor Palin brought out the best and worst in people.

Today, I am proud to say that Sarah Palin the person, came shining through on the food line.

Unfortunately, I could not get close enough to get the close up photos, but from a short distance, you can see that many lined up to get autographs and say hello to her.

And that is what it is really about, the people.

I will say that the crowds were large and that this was one of the bigger Governor's picnics attended and I have been to many going back to when candidates running in August primaries set up shop to what it is today.

When I saw Sarah Palin, the person today, serving the people, I had the same smile when I saw saw candidate Sarah Palin, speak about the Republican platform during the state primaries.

Rest assured, Palin is going to be involved in the public debate. And that brings me to a man who's first name is Randy and Eddie Burke.

In the pictures before Sarah Palin, you can see a lone man with a sign protesting the war. This lone man had the courage to voice his feelings at the picnic.

While many were focused on Sarah Palin, Randy was trying to bring focus on his own debate which in turn brought Eddie Burke to ask Randy questions and engage in a debate.

Now many on the left and some on the right have taken on the policies of the personal destruction of Palin. There is no denying it, many on the left have crossed the line of proper political debate and have engaged in crass and meaningless dialogue.

The sole purpose, is to try and destroy the person through attacks on their children and family while saying that they are fair game because they are now in the public light.

That is not how many on the center-right operate. And a case in point is Eddie Burke.

I won't go into too much detail because Eddie may do a show Monday on the exchange between Randy and himself. But in the one picture, there was one common denomiator that both Eddie and Randy shared and it was serving in the Navy.

And when you reflect on the last year on how people conducted themselves at Palin events, there were many falsehoods that made the mainstream media and were broad-casted as truth when in fact they were not.

What is true here today is; you had two individuals who had opposing views and debated them, but when it came to an issue that they shared, they could appreciate each other.

That is how the common folk are and Sarah Palin represents that.

That is Sarah Palin's Field of Dreams in politics. That is America's Field of Dreams.

You can debate the issues, debate beliefs, and ideologies, but leave the politics of personal destruction of a family out of it.

That is what Sarah Palin represents.

Update from KTUU's Jason Lamb

Palin serves up food and speeches at Anchorage picnic

Update from ADN:
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