Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swine Flu and a Nationalized ObamaCare

A thread was posted on this site asking what would the swine flu epidemic be like under a nationalized Obamacare.

I pointed to the loony blogger who was posting a graph on how deaths in countries with nationalized health care were less than here in the United States.

There were factors like the virus started in Mexico and moved north to the United States so the numbers would be high at this point.

Also posted was the question on what would the swine flu pandemic do to a nationalized health care system like in the U.K.

The Telegraph in the U.K., yesterday, posted some interesting things..............

Ministers will be held to account for the delay in setting up the national flu helpline and for giving confusing advice to vulnerable groups and NHS staff.


One doctor gave warning that the NHS was facing a “triple whammy” as it struggled with swine flu, the introduction of the European Union Working Time Directive and – four days later – the movement of more than 30,000 junior doctors between hospitals as part of the annual rotation of specialities.

Further concerns over Britain’s swine flu response are raised today by a Sunday Telegraph investigation, which has exposed major security lapses in the national flu pandemic service.

The flaws would allow fraudsters to obtain dozens of doses of Tamiflu – the main drug being issued to swine flu victims.

The Sunday Telegraph has also discovered that maternity units are planning to cancel home births and planned caesarean sections if the outbreak turns into a major epidemic.


From Saturday, doctors will not be allowed to work more than 48 hours a week, under EU rules. The change has been fiercely resisted by many senior doctors who say it will put lives at risk.

It could mean that the NHS is short of doctors just as pressure on hospitals caused by the swine flu outbreak intensifies.

That's what you can expect under ObamaCare.

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