Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hillary Clinton on a Palin Presidential Campaign

Clinton hopes for female president in her lifetime

Clinton declined comment on the presidential prospects for outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who was Republican contender Senator John McCain's running mate in last year's race.

Pressed on whether she thought Palin had the right attributes to be president, Clinton replied: "That is up to the voters to determine." She added that putting together an election campaign was a complicated venture.

"I am just going to leave it at that," she said. "I do want to see a woman elected. I hope it is a Democratic woman who represents the type of approach that I happen to favor."


Anonymous said...

Wow . . . with an answer like that, to a question like that . . . she sure as heck is in the right position . . . talk about diplomacy ! ! ! ! I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she tells Bill, over dinner, what she REALLY was thinking!! Way to go Hillary!

Anonymous said...

Why must we continue to entertain the notion that it must be a minority, a woman, a whatever...why not hope that the person chosen to be president would be competent to lead this country...howbout that for a novel idea?