Sunday, July 26, 2009

A.P. Throws a Below the Belt Punch on Palin

At yesterday's Governor's picnic, an A.P. reporter was looking for controversy. It seems they have ginned it up in this story on Palin.

Palin cited the financial toll of the investigations for quitting before the end of her term.

"She's not a quitter; she's a fighter. She wants to fight for the Alaskan people and for the greater good nationally," Villanueva said.

Randy Jedlicka, 31 of Anchorage, was less impressed.

He held up a sign at the Anchorage picnic asking why, if Palin can quit before her terms ends, soldiers in Iraq cannot do the same.

"I just don't think it's fair," said Jedlicka, a former sailor who served in the Persian Gulf in the mid-1990s. "A lot of vets want to quit, but they can't."

You can see the photos of Randy here and the short comments that I wrote on him.

As you will see, the A.P. takes two opposing views and tries to create a controversy by taking the one opinion of the only negative sign at the picnic and give it the same press as the overwhelming support given to Palin.

Now all I would ask of the reporter who wrote the story is; since Randy was unwittingly condemning the press, what does this say about A.P.s reporting of Randy?

How about a headline that reads "Obama supporter says bad press brings down troop morale."

Because that was the real reason for the protest. If there was no bad press and poor troop morale because of it, then the sign would have not been made.

You have to love it how the press will take their own garbage and dump it on others.


Anonymous said...

You call her a quitter? What about 0bama, Biden and Hillary? Are they not quitters as well?

Tom said...

That maybe a question asked of Randy on the Eddie Burke show.

The important issue here is the A.P.s reporting on Randy.

No picture of the sign was posted with their article.

It is obvious why. Because he point to bad press and troop morale.

Meadow said...

Fair and intelligent and unbiased piece!

It is all about freedom, freedom of free speech, freedom of the press. Too bad so many ignore how we won those and other freedoms, isn't.

Interesting the little group that assembled for Diva's project chose to ride on the popularity of Sarah, rather than let their project speak for itself.

I am interested in Eddie's program, I'm sure he will have lots to say :)