Saturday, July 04, 2009

How We Turn to Communism: Blind Obedience

By El Syd

When I was in my early twenties, I sat and watched with horror and anger the obvious destruction of a beloved Father and defender of the faith. He was Cardinal Mindszenty, my hero. The communists dared to put his Show Trial on television, so sure were they that the world at large would swallow their tripe. Many did and many did not.

The article I am linking to, illustrates who the defenders of Christ were and who were His enemies. As for the latter, I will leave them to God.

I can do little else, since church leadership, beginning with the preparation for Vatican II, has made a deal with the devil. I can, however, resist. There is a victory to come, however, I may not live to see it, and its source is not temporal.

If perchance you know in your intellect and hearts why we should be on guard and militant in our faith, here is but one historical account. It fits comfortably with my own knowledge, reasoning, and beliefs.

I wept as I watched good Mindszenty years ago, and I wept today, as I remembered, for he represented the soul of the Catholic faith.

Today, on our Independence Day, reflect on the reality of our state of freedom or lack thereof, and consider the effects of blindly following bad leaders.

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