Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Washington Post is Hedging Their Bets on John Conyers

The Washington Post is hedging their bets on John Conyers.

In their article, they point to a spokesman for Rep.Conyers citing the prosecuting attorney's comments to John Conyers having no involvement in his wife's case.

Through a spokesman, Conyers pointed to a statement by prosecutors that "the evidence offered no suggestions that U.S. Representative John Conyers . . . had any knowledge or role" in his wife's illegal conduct.

I pointed on this website to Terrence Berg taking heat for taking so long to push for the indictment.

The hedge by the Washington Post on Conyers if he is free and clear...

Authorities say they are continuing to root out corruption in the city extending beyond the sludge deal, and state lawmakers have asked what John Conyers knew, even after prosecutors absolved him of involvement in the arrangement with the waste company.

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