Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mizz Maureen Dowd's Folly in Political Opinions

Love her, hate her, one thing is for sure, Mizz Dowd has a screw loose.

Dowd in her latest screed, rant, histrionic state, wants to be the All-American woman by attacking Palin.

But first to the only truth in her opinion...

Sarah Palin showed on Friday that in one respect at least, she is qualified to be president.

As for the rest? It's a yawner.

Because you have others like Andy Barr from politico (even though a day late) having a political epiphany when it comes to Sean Parnell being in a prime position to beat political opponents like Democrats Bob Poe, Hollis French and Republicans like John Harris and maybe one time Independent, part time Republican Andrew Halcro.

That's just for starters. Next up, what will Dowd be talking about when the Palin book is published and Palin is raking in the dough?

Too bad for Dowd that Clinton is still married (she hates Hillary, see link it's from HuffPo so it must be true) to Hillary.

Dowd reminds me of the jealous wannabe mistress who can't have her man.

Women like Dowd tend to act that way....

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