Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Josh Painter Comes up with a Good Read on Palin's Burdens

Sarah Palin lays her burdens down

The most important:

-- A legion of complainers: A circle of Palin opponents determined to take her down are using a variation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, by which they overload the state government with frivolous ethics complaints and freedom of information requests. Alaska's ethics laws don not provide the same protections for governors as it does for legislators. If you file a complaint against a state legislator, for example, you are prevented by penalty of law from publicizing it. No such restriction covers governor's, however, and the bloggers against Palin make sure that each ethics complaint their allied file gets reported not only on nutroots blogs, but in the legacy media across the country as well.

And keep in mind that there are still Alaskans with good chartater who are trying, Republicans like Bob Lynn and a few others.

Palin knows she has to take the fight Outside, because that is where the real battle is. It is with Obama and the DNC.

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