Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The WaPo is Pushing the Zane Henning Complaint

This evening, the WaPo has published a story on the complaint Zane Henning filed against Governor Palin.

Palin Faces New Ethics Complaint Over Reimbursements

I wonder if I could file a complaint against Zane Henning for leaving a strange message on my answering machine? Hmmmm.

I wonder if the WaPo knows how idiotic they look for publishing the stories on these people who have FAILED 15 times?

I wonder if the WaPo and the MSM even care?

You have to wonder do they (I'll call them the complainers) really care if they are successful knowing it will cost Palin money

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Larry Sheldon said...


My guess is they are paying for it.

Or who pays them is paying for it.