Monday, July 13, 2009

An Opened Open Letter from Bob Poe to the What's-Her-Name Outside Crowd

I find it amusing that you would find an open letter from gubernatorial candidate Bob Poe listing attacks on Governor Palin when she has officially put in her notice of moving on to the national scene.

I can count the ways that this knucklehead has ended his chances to become Governor.

First, how many times can you say Palin when she isn't the issue. Parnell will be the opponent and second, looks like Bob Poe wrote the letter too soon.

Like many of you, I recognized immediately after last November’s election that Sarah Palin had been blinded by the spotlight of national attention and was indeed going to pursue a campaign for President.


Over the last several months I have had the opportunity to get to know many of you through this outstanding forum, The Mudflats. We shared views on the cynical way in which Sarah Palin responded to residents of Emmonak

Now how dumb can a candidate be in mentioning a blogger's website who is linked at the hip with other bloggers who mock a religious icon?

Well, since Mudflats does not represent a wide audience in Alaska and most of the comments come from Outside, Bob Poe is barking up the wrong tree.

If you notice, the other Democrat candidates have been silent. There is a reason.

They don't want to get stuck in the mud at mudflats. Save your time and effort Mr. Bob Poe, you will lose and you may not make it through the Democrat primary.

Update: I will just throw this remark in. Bob Poe, (aka The Seer) seems to know Palin's future of running for president? How about a book tour first there Bob.

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