Monday, July 13, 2009

Will John Conyers be Re-Elected?

The battle is heating up between Conyers and Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One.

In a previous thread I pointed to an article where Hughes is taking on Conyers and other prospective Democrat party candidates in Detroit are looking to unseat Conyers.

In the latest battle of words, Conyers complained that Hughes was a no-show to the hearings...

Radio One, the largest U.S. minority-owned media company, came under fire from the House Judiciary Committee for refusing to testify at a hearing billed as a forum to examine plummeting advertising revenues, increased media consolidation and pending legislation that would end a long-standing copyright royalty exemption for over-the-air radio, which broadcasters oppose.

Why should she... She has the airwaves to knock Conyers around...

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