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Rep John Conyers: Democrats and Members of Daily Kos are Knocking on Your Door

It looks like Detroit Mark from the Daily Kos is finally getting the drift on Representative Conyers.

I am going to post the entire thread...

New details surface this morning as another peice of flotsam in the Monica Conyers of Detroit corruption pond of corruption floats to the top. This one is named Sam Riddle. We Detroiters know him well. But there is much we didn't know until today. And once again, it points straight back to the wife of Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

Detroit Mark's diary :: ::

Some of the reporting coming out of the Detroit Free Press this morning reads like a 40s crime novel.

But the name of Monica Conyers surfaces everywhere in the 27-page document, which contends that the former city councilwoman played Bonnie to Riddle’s Clyde as they prowled Detroit, boldly shaking down businesspeople and stuffing their pockets and bank accounts with cash.

The tiny, screeching figure, once President of the Detroit City Council, who under former council President and short-time Mayor Ken Cockrel shocked the city almost daily, blurting out personal epithets to her arch enemy, Cockrel like "Shrek!" as cameras rolled - is being revealed as a common yardbird who sauntered from business to business extorting money and splitting the take with Riddle and god knows who else.

Riddle has coyly played the semi victim in the past weeks since Monica accepted a plea deal which guaranteed a maximum five year jail term and surrendering of all leadership posts with the City of Detroit. Those charges stemmed from one of what may be dozens of businesses involved in this web of extortion in Detoit. For Riddle's part, he's dropped little hints that something may be coming down for him, even tweeting to anyone who'd listen, "Watching All Star Game Bottom Of 8th - Fighting Sleep - Yucky Headlines Tomorrow - Oh Well..." Oh Well. We haven't seen this kind of flippant maybe-I-did-maybe-I-didn't attitude since Monica's former mentor, the disgraced former Mayor, Kwami Kilpatric stood on church steps and apologized for humiliating the City once again out of one side of his face, while slamming the white suburbs for a racial conspiracy out of the other.

The dark part of Sam Riddle's indictments announced last night is that each and every one name the congressman's wife:

The indictment charges:

• Conyers conspired with Riddle to hit up the owner of a technology company for $20,000 to make Riddle a bogus "consultant."

• Conyers and Riddle pressured a Detroit restaurant owner to pay Riddle $20,000 for another "consulting job" that didn’t exist.

• Conyers and Riddle received $25,000 from the owner of a strip club with an issue before the city council.

• Conyers and Riddle attempted to receive money in another faux "consulting contract" for Riddle, this time with a real estate developer.

Now that it's no longer just a frustrated newbie falling in with the wrong Kwami Hoodlums ... and it's turning out to be a full blown loose cannon with malevolent intent against the city and its business owners, it's really time for Mr. Conyers to step forward and denounce his now jailed wife publicly. This is no longer a personal matter between a husband and wife. John Conyer's name has been sullied by the woman who shares it, and he does well to separate himself, if not from her in the literal sense ... but philosophically at least.

Speak up Representative. How can you have slept with this woman for all those years and never once gotten a hint that she would do anything ... ANYTHING to get what she wants?

He should have been paying attention ( Baby Steps: Walking the Talk on Palin at the Daily Kos) to Conyers who is part of the really really corrupt Conyers clan instead of the Palin clan who have had every ethics complaint dismissed.

Now what I would like to know is what was a Conyer's ex-aide doing up here in Alaska sniffing around in an FBI invesitgation on Republicans, while you had self proclaimed Democrat Karen Loeffler waiting in the wings?

What I would also like to know is; if the rumor I heard is true that Karen Loeffler was softball pals with ADN reporter Richard Mauer?

And last but not least, who were the news people that whistleblower Chad Joy spoke about when he said information on the prosecution of the case of Ted Stevens was being leaked to certain reporters.

Who were the reporters? Enquiring minds would like to know that answer.

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