Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twenty-Three Minutes to Armegeddon

Twenty-three Minutes to Armageddon

El Syd

A homeschooling mother sent this short story by, James Clavell; she is my daughter. When the grandchildren arrived, I urged her to educate her children at home. Actually, I suspect the thought had come to her from the moment she knew she would share in God's life-giving process. Since then, she has heroically and tirelessly acted both as teacher and Sentinel. Unlike the story's fearful older teacher, "El Jannine," has courageously accepted the important task of fighting for the minds and souls of her children. There are many more like her. Deo gratias.

What do we say about teachers who play vital roles as low-level functioning brainwashers? In his short story, James Clavell, cleverly illustrated the devious process by which children's minds are washed by Acorn types. "Surely teachers don't participate as clueless dupes," you say. “One would think that at some point they would know what they are doing.”Attacking the mind and the soul of humankind is a clear act of hate and abuse, but not so if you have consent; “ay, there’s the rub.” You can acquire consent with a lollipop, money, title, power, a soft voice and laziness, anything superficial.

Consider the brainwashed students in the story: some will become teachers and some will become upper-level Apparatchiks. Think what this means for our nation and the world when you realize that the brainwashed become judges, lawyers, doctors, presidents, congressmen/women etc. You get the picture. It is well organized by "clean-cut" types.

Yet, despite all, there will always be a few, among the many, who will function as heroic souls. Sad to say the price is high if they choose to continue to work within the Stepford governmental system.Teachers who do not comply with process-protocols are punished and/or constructively removed through the evaluation process. They will never know recognition. Moreover, they will be portrayed as Malefactors. The process is as old as time eternal. It happened to Christ and to Catholics who hold to tradition. Our institutions are but shells, maliciously emptied by Stepford One-World-Order moles and vandals who were serially brainwashed.

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