Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Flag Yourself II: Something is Really Fishy With ObamaCare

The following e-mail is a follow up to an e-mail I wrote to

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Dear Mr. President,

As follow up to my previous e-mail on my concern that something is "fishy" in the health care law that is labeled ObamaCare, it has come to my attention that through an online site called Online Athens, Rep.Paul Broun has stated that ObamaCare is a "rotten fish."

When I read this, I felt that I must write to and notify you that indeed, something is "fishy" about the health care bill that is titled with your name.

As you are aware, our former governor, Sarah Palin has called out sections of the bill "fishy" and as such, the Senate Finance Committee in a bi-partisan fashion, has struck a "fishy" provision from the bill that Sarah Palin has called "Death Panels."

Now some in the media have scoffed at her thoughts on the topic and some in the media have equated her comments to "sleeping with the fishes."

I would like to address their concerns. Unlike what is done in Chicago or cities like Detroit (where I was born and to borrow a similar line from Sarah Palin), in Alaska we eat, therefore we fish.

And because we eat fish, there is no time to "sleep with the fishes". And because we don't "sleep with the fishes", we can pick out "fishy" things that may cause death to the fish.

Now in Alaska there are two kinds of fishermen and in attachment you will find a picture of the types of fishermen there are.

First, there are pictures of Sarah Palin, fishing. This is why she is very good at detecting "fishy" things. You could say because of her extensive fishing experience, she has a "nose" for picking out "fishy" things.

As you may know from the news, Senator Murkowski, has been in disagreement with Sarah Palin on this topic. And as you can see from the picture in attachment, she has been known to catch "whoppers" and tell about catching them.

Now some people that agree with Senator Murkowski will say that her fish don't stink.

But experienced fishermen know better. It takes time to develop that "fishermen nose" to pick out the "fishy" things.

Given that, maybe you could contact Sarah Palin and have her teach you the ropes on fishing by coming to Alaska and learn to fish.

And contrary to what Rappers (that supported you) have said about Alaska being all white..

You will fit in just fine in Alaska, as you can see in my photo in attachment...

You see, when you're out fishing for "fishy" things and the news media starts to say it's racist, they don't know what is important, because it's not race that gets the fish, it's the experienced fisherman that does.


Thomas A. Lamb

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