Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hollis French and Who's Bob Poe: Palling Around With Trig Troofers

It was back in August of 2008 that the story begins on the Trig Troofers.

The stupid carpet bombing started with Daily Kos (General Shannyn Moore was still a private back then and didn't know the meaning over the target and flak) soon to be shot down with AAA.

From my wingman Josh Painter.

Now we are here today to pay homage to the Trig Troofers who continue to march on with their truth that Trig is not Todd and Sarah Palin's son.

The Trig Troofers continue to march on, but with a few more marchers in the crowd and they be Hollis French and Bob Poe.

I am going to be very transparent with what the meaning of this thread is all about and how it will expand.

You know how some in the Mainstream media are trying to attach the "Birthers" to Palin and how the so called nut cases gravitate to her?

They haven't seen anything yet when it comes to those who Hollis French and Bob Poe hang out with. And quite frankly, those who support Obama.

The stealth bombers are fueled and loaded. The targets have been briefed. And there ain't no way Bob Poe and Hollis French can escape the collateral damage.

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