Saturday, August 29, 2009

Note to General Shannyn Moore et al: It's Hard for Palin to Write a Book When She is Having a Nervous Breakdown

Just in case you haven't heard, Palin is writing a book.

Contrary to what the left nut roots want to throw out there via innuendo and rumor via the Star/Globe/Shannyn Moore network.

Me thinks a nice place along the East Coast near ghost writers is the proper location.

Mrs. Devon, keep playing the mooosey pictures of Who's Bob Poe over and over again, they make nice pictures for campaign literature for a 2010 governor candidate.

How about a nice Howard Dean scream?

A picture of Shannyn Moore:

Caption this: Shannyn Moore's look when she finds out that her saving Private Griffin moment comes back to haunt (CAN YOU SAY BIRTHERS X 2) their group during the 2010 governor's race in Alaska.

Shannyn, target aquired, bombs away... Direct hit...

As they say, politics is local...

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