Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jesse Griffin is a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Clearly Sarah Palin has a new Facebook speech writer. But the crazy still shines through.

Yes Jesse, that would be Obama's misbehav'n teleprompter that wrote the FaceBook entry....

Grandma's hip replacement got run over by ObamaCare would make a great Christmas holiday gift.

Meanwhile, all of that clever writing Jesse displays is all-for-naught.

It seems those Death Panels will be sent to their own death... And Palin's Plan (written by Obama's misbehav'n teleprompter) is working.

Palin 1 Obama ZERO

And last but not least, Jesse ends with this beauty..

And here is a helpful tip. Sarah Palin is a compulsive liar. If she tells you something, you can bet the farm that the opposite is in fact true.

Trust me, I would know.

Jesse, projecting your personality traits onto another person is not becoming...

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