Friday, September 25, 2009

Joe Biden's Promise: An International Crisis in Six Months



What do some of the idiots have to say at the Huffington Post?

Obama knew all along that Iran had a secret uranium factory. He may be more of a master strategist than his foes--and even his friends--have realized.

The key to understanding today's announcement on Iran is this: President Obama knew about the secret Iranian facility nine months ago. Before he began his strategy of engagement, he knew Iran was lying about its program. When he extended his hand in friendship, he knew Iran had built a secret factory to enrich uranium. Before he offered direct talks, he knew Iran was hiding a nuclear weapons breakout capability.

If true, how would the American people feel about Obama knowing this nine months ago.

Moreover, if he did, then Obama is really as dumb as a box of rocks, considering he sold out Eastern Europe (Iran is on a fast track for long range missiles) and Russia through their own brilliance, will have to deal with threats geographically positioned to Russia's right, center and left.

Russia's Putin played Obama and as I said before, Russia will soon find out that Russia will be isolated by Iran, China and North Korea.

And China will hold the upper-hand to Russia.

Watch what happens in cities like Moscow and how the large Muslim populations in Russia act out.

And it may be slightly longer than six months, but Biden's promise has come true. It isn't Cuba, but it looks damn close when you consider Iran is working with Venezuela on uranium.

The only question left is; will China push for a change in the world currency in exchange for a vote on sanctions against Iran?

After all you can't let a good crisis go to waste..

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