Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama's Political Armageddon: Iran and its Long Range Missile

The news just keeps getting worse for Obama and the United States' Waterloo is getting worse with Obama as Commander of the World.

It was stated on this site in reference to Obama knowing nine months ago about Iran's nuclear facility:

If true, how would the American people feel about Obama knowing this nine months ago.

Moreover, if he did, then Obama is really as dumb as a box of rocks, considering he sold out Eastern Europe (Iran is on a fast track for long range missiles) and Russia through their own brilliance, will have to deal with threats geographically positioned to Russia's right, center and left.

That was Friday...

The latest news on Iran from the BBC

Iran has tested two short-range missiles and announced plans for a controversial long-range missile test, state TV reports.

That is why it was written Iran was on a fast track for long range missiles.

Now keep in mind, the reason Obama stated he did not think Eastern Europe should have the missile defense system was; because Iran did not have long range missiles and wouldn't have them for years.

Let's see how many oops (I'll post three) there are on this very topic of long range missiles.


LAST week President Obama announced his decision to discard plans for antiballistic missile shields in Eastern Europe in favor of smaller interceptors on ships and planes. But the key issue is not where the United States should place its defenses. The problem is that medium-range missiles exist at all. In all the confusing debate on this topic, Mr. Obama has overlooked one simple option: outlaw these missiles altogether.

The Washington Post: Poland sees merit in new Obama missile plan: aide

The headline should be enough to tell you how asinine the commentary by Garth Jones was.

And this last one from Fox News and Fox News was just reporting the news.

Intel Used by Obama Found Iran Long-Range Missile Capacity Would Take 3-5 Years Longer

Any bets on who was lying?

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