Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson Gets Heckled by the New York Times

I have to laugh about all of the fuss with Rep. Joe Wilson's calling out president Obama for what he truly is:

A Liar....

What is even more funny is; to see all of the hard-core lefists throw bad money at a bad candidate that is running against Rep. Joe Wilson when you consider the story from the New York Times on the Heckler's District Mostly Supports the Outburst.

But most of those interviewed in the Second Congressional District, which snakes from Columbia to the Atlantic coast, said Mr. Wilson should not apologize.

“Give Obama hell,” said Bob Allen, 52, a construction worker in Columbia. “I’m proud of my congressman.”

Marie Briggs, 77, a retiree from Sumter, which is in a different district, said, “I guess you would say it was a mite disrespectful, but I say, ‘All the way.’ ”

Mr. Wilson hit a nerve on the issue of illegal immigration. Even South Carolina supporters of a health care overhaul expressed concern about extending coverage to illegal immigrants. Ms. Wahl accused Latino newcomers of worsening crime in Swansea.

And what about Rep. Joe Wilson and his comments towards the Liar-in-Chief?

Dan Riehl has the latest.

So, I guess maybe we can call this a win for Joe Wilson and the American taxpayer for now? Like I trust them through any potential reconcilliation.

In the Senate, Democrats in the so called "Gang of Six," began moving quickly to close the loophole Rep. Joe Wilson helped bring to light with his outburst during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night.

Note to the hard core leftists; keep sending bad money to a bad candidate that is running against Joe Wilson...

Joe Wilson may just wind up being the Heckler's Hero on Healthcare Reform.

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BravoJOE said...

JOE I LIKE YOU! bravo for speaking the truth, it seems that conservative
momentum is finally building up, the Obama liberal chateau which lacked
foundation is finally starting to crumble, middle class Americans and
non-illegals (ie normal citizens) can't be silenced any longer. Heated
healthcare debates are just a foretaste of how loud we will get if anyone
dares proposing 'amnesty' to illegals in 2010...