Friday, October 02, 2009

Chicago Loses 2016 Olympic Bid: Did Obama Play the Race Card?

Here is a blast from the past that was written on the Olympics here.

Was Obama trying to put the "O" into the Olympics with Jarrett filling his Senate Seat?

Chicago 2016

Another Daley will push for Olympics

Chicago's Olympic pitch will have a family flair Saturday with Mayor Daley's brother William joining the team making the case in Washington to host the 2016 Summer Games.

Officials had earlier named the mayor; Patrick Ryan, insurance magnate and Chicago 2016 chairman; and Michael Conley, an Olympic gold medalist in triple jump.

The group hoping to persuade the U.S. Olympic Committee board to choose Chicago over Los Angeles to represent the nation in international competition will also include Valerie Jarrett, a real estate executive and former CTA chairwoman.

Infrastructure money and media dollars..... Baby

When the Big O brought up Jesse Owens and the politics in Olympics, you just knew it was over.

That sealed the fate of our president Zero.


Meadow said...

I met Jesse Owens many decades ago in Des Moines, IA.

I had never ever met, let alone shook hands with, a black person. He was so kind to me, a very young teenager with thick glasses, red hair and freckles! He told me freckles are angel kisses... which is what my Irish grandmother always told me.

His accomplishments in the Olympics put him far above anything the current tenant of the WH can ever hope to achieve, and he offered NO apologies!

Tom said...

Meadow thank you for the story.

When I saw our president raise the issue of Jesse Owens, I knew he had made an error.

Jesse Owens was a great athlete and represented the U.S.

Unfortunately our president makes everything a political statement; for the wrong reasons.

The charisma of president Obama is one of a politcian.

Wrong venue for him. The IOC saw through the B.S. along with other things.

Not only does Chicago get tagged, so does the media that has been pimping Obama.

No media dollars for them.