Friday, October 02, 2009

Was Sarah Palin Right on David Letterman: Here's Stephanie Birkitt


According to TMZ, Birkitt is the girlfriend and former roommate of Robert "Joe" Halderman, the '48 Hours' producer who was indicted Friday in a plot to blackmail Letterman out of $2 million in exchange for his silence on the affairs.

Halderman was reportedly in possession of Birkitt's diary and certain photos that he said would damage Letterman if made public.

Birkitt worked for Letterman for over a decade, and rose in the ranks to be his assistant. On several occasions, she appeared on the air in various skits and gags, including reports from the Winter Olympics in both 2002 and 2006.

It is believed Birkitt and Letterman had a sexual relationship that ended before his marriage and the birth of his son, Harry, in 2003. Sources tell that Birkitt is reportedly "mortified Halderman is using her fling with Letterman to blackmail her boss."

Birkitt is a 1997 graduate of Wake Forest University and Gawker is reporting that she received "extra compensation for duties as his First Assistant, in the form of Letterman picking up the tab for her graduate law studies at the Yeshiva University Law School."

There is going to be more to this story than what Letterman is leading on...

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Alex Bronson said...

Birkitt seems to coping with the spotlight pretty well, which is fortunate for her... maybe she can write a book and make a new career out of it