Saturday, October 03, 2009

Palin Power: The Silent Moms Are Organizing

Watch the video segment to see what the moms say about Palin and listen to how they describe themselves.

I wrote about Palin's Field of Dreams here.

Here is the conventional wisdom in politics, a candidate cannot win without their base.

The sophisticated pundits have been talking about the Republican base as if it were shrinking. What is shrinking within the Republican party is; the conservative base that has left the Republican party to become Independents.

That conservative base is where Palin brings her star power to the 2010 midterm elections.

Note to the professional pundits. You are new to the Palin factor and your conventional wisdom was really never conventional or wisdom at all.

Your analysis is called the status quo in the mundane thinking in politics.

For Palin, she brings with her travels the base that is still with the Republican party and outside the Republican party.

Pay no attention to the psycho babble of the professional pundits that have hypnotized many to think the base is shrinking, the base has been waiting for a candidate to rescue them from the doldrums of the status quo.

She is the Field of Dreams for that "shrinking base" that has laid and waited for that candidate to come along and rescue them from the mundane thinking of the status quo.

Who needs to quote the movie Field of Dreams' character, Ray Kinsella telling his wife "It's okay honey, I ... I was just talking to the cornfield" when you had a cornfield being cut down with Palin's figure.


Meadow said...

During the Beck show, the had 5700 members according to Lori (the founder).

Last night, I checked out the site, and membership stood at 12,000+.

This morning, membership is 24,400. This is a whole segment of the population that are coming together to do something about the political mess, support each other, and help our country.

In other words, these are Palin People, pure and simple.

Tom said...

Meadow thanks for the link..

Looks like Uppy and you over there, are seeing some traffic...

The Democrats and Republicans have forgotten that it was women who started the civil rights movement and many of them left the Democrat party in the 1980's...

Independent streak you women have... I should know, I was raised by one..(smile)

Meadow said...

You are very welcome, Tom. For a while it looked like a Macy's sale day over there!

Just an update, now has 31,627 members. The ladies there have decided they are not alone, and that together, they can do just about anything!