Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are Submarine Supertankers in Alaska’s Future?

Back in April of this year, I had made a post on my own website that was titled: What Ever Happened to This Idea: Submarine Tanker Plans for LNG.

What I didn’t expect was who would come to the website to read it.

When you have the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Australian Department of Defence, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in the U.K., SACLANT Undersea Research in Italy and Gazprom in the U.K. to name a few, come and visit, then you have to question, why the interest?

Now given what has transpired with the newly discovered e-mails from scientists who have manipulated the climate data to show a global warming pattern, the issue of submarine tankers and the interest from the named organizations, takes on new meaning with regard to the polar ice caps and polar bear habitat.

Excerpt, read the full story here.

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