Saturday, November 28, 2009

Russian Train Crash: Explosion Caused 1 Meter-Diameter Crater (Update)

Chechen terrorists to blame for Russian train crash

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....No mention of it on

There are conflicting reports on this. Some passengers said they heard no explosion and some say they heard a "loud slap."

If the Chechens did this, they will proudly state they did and post it... This is a wait and see story..


Some have picked up on the fact that threats had been made and posted on Kavkazcenter by Muslims in country, that on November 25th, an attack would be made.

However, as shown here, a communique on who did what, has come out days later:

Chechen Mujahideen Claim Sabotage Bombing of Russian Natural Gas Storage Facility

By Evan Kohlmann

The NEFA Foundation has obtained a communiqué issued by a group calling itself “Muwahiidun ar-Rusi” ("The Russian Monotheists") claiming responsibility for the bombing of "the largest subterranean natural gas storage facility in the world" in Stavropol, Russia. The communiqué was posted by Kavkaz Center, the official mouthpiece of the Chechen insurgents. Kavkaz stated that it "does not have reliable evidence about the organization...Let us remind that the same organization announced its participation in the sabotage at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric plant."

The complete text of the communique can be accessed via the NEFA Foundation website.

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So it remains to be seen who takes credit. And if the communique is legitimate..

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