Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chairman Obama: China hails U.S. reiteration of sovereignty over Taiwan

Not only is Obama selling the U.S. out, he is selling out every Nation State that wants their sovereignty. From the U.S. to Georgia, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and now this.

"China approves of President Obama's repeated reiteration of the one-China principle," Hu told reporters.

Hu referred to China's "sovereignty over Taiwan and other matters" during a state visit in which some Western analysts had predicted that China would also demand an explicit declaration by Washington of China's sovereignty over the restive frontier regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

Marching Orders From The Democrat Party Headquarters:

Chaiman with the Mao Tse Tongue has spoken, so lay down your signs on freeing Tibet...

Now go to Google Translator (since they are the only one we can depend on)to decode the following messages from our Generals in the field...

一般艾爾斯和一般索羅斯已指示我們只買中國製造的商品,我們一定要帕林。我們不能再依靠奧普拉 ..

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