Sunday, November 15, 2009

One H1N1 Vaccine Story that Didn't Get Reported by the CDC or WHO

I had picked up on the following story a while back and I found it odd that it never hit the mainstream media pages... And since I have been waiting for a follow up, I found it odd no follow up was done...

Russian H1N1 seed virus for vaccine trials mutates

BANGKOK, Aug 25 (TNA) - The seed virus strain imported from Russia to produce a vaccine against Influenza Type A (H1N1) has mutated so that the vaccine production should be delayed, Prof Theerawat Hemajutha of the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine said Tuesday.

Prof Theerawat said genetic decoding of the virus by Mahidol University found that a mutation had occurred in the seed virus from Russia that was to be used for Thailand’s vaccine trials.

Thailand’s agencies concerned met at the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday and discussed the issue, concluding that the vaccine production and trials should be delayed as the seed virus strain was unstable. The production and trials may be too early, he said.

He said the meeting would report the issue to the Ministry of Public Health's ethics committee to make the final decision whether to continue with the vaccine production or not. However, the trials may continue by using seed virus from China, he said.

Back in May, before this story broke on the vaccine mutating, I made this post with some sarcasm on Russia stating they had no outbreak of the H1N1 flu.

Russia says vaccine against A/H1N1 flu virus under research

MOSCOW, May 20 (Xinhua) -- Russia is actively developing a vaccine against the A/H1N1flu virus, a senior Russian lawmaker said on Wednesday.

Makes sense, since on a thread on this website, it was stated that Russians had designed it in the first place.

But of course the Russians have denied this.

The question really has to be asked, since there seems to be no outbreak in Russia, are the Russians getting the mutated strain or seed strain from Mexico?

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