Monday, November 30, 2009

Palin's Bus Tour Scandal: Move Along, Nothing to See Here (Update)

Does it really matter?

According to HarperCollins, they were the ones that set-up the tour and the logistics on how the tour was going to be conducted....

A spokesperson for Sarah Palin’s publisher has just confirmed to me that she took a privately chartered jet plane on several legs of her book tour, despite the fact that it had been billed as a bus tour.

But the spokesperson argued that she had only taken three plane trips, and that her plane travel had been “minimal” and only for “logistical” reasons.

There was the RNC expensive cloths fiasco that was set-up by McCain staffers and the fiasco was put on Palin.

And now you have this issue the talking point on Palin, when it should never have become a talking point.

Like I said before, Palin has some lousy handlers and advisors.

Palin can only go Rouge so many times, before these meaningless events drag her down....

And these type of events will.... She will always have her base, but others will have enough of it and move on...

Update: CBS is now pimping the story.

HarperCollins did not respond to questions about who was paying for the jet or who flies on it. But Palin has acknowledged flying during at least some portion of the trip, tweeting that she "Just got off flt" on November 21st.

It's a Book Tour........ It is evident by Palin's tweets that she was flying...

A lot of time and conspiracies developed by the nutcases like Andrew Sullivan and the idiot at Palingates.

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