Friday, November 20, 2009

Revamping Detroit, One House at a Time

This is a house that I just recently purchased in Detroit, through an auction.

The house had been sitting on the market for sometime and as a result, the house was vandalized.

Currently the house is being renovated.

The houses in Detroit are being vandalized regularly and stripped and it is a city where high property taxes/crime plague the citizens of the city.

If all things go right this January, this house will be burned in John Conyers' memory...

And that burning on Conyers's brain will have to do with the fact that Detroit hasn't seen a conservative answer to problems and the city isn't conservative enough and hasn't been since before Coleman Young took charge.

Three bathrooms were vandalized and this is one bathroom before it was vandalized.

After it was vandalized.

The kitchen was vandalized.

Windows were broken...

Copper tubing and galvanized pipe that was stolen, was replaced with pex tubing..

The progress on this remodel will be updated and I will go into detail in January on what is planned for this house.....

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