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The Cases of the Missing Mutating H1N1 Virus: Norway Scientists Find Mutated H1N1 Virus (Update)

For sometime, the CDC and WHO have denied evidence that the H1N1 virus was mutating and it has been pointed out on this site numerous times.

However, scientist in Norway have found along with scientist from Brazil and Japan, that the H1N1 virus has mutated. And adding to that list of scientists, Russian scientists back in August, discarded a H1N1 seed strain for the H1N1 vaccine because the strain mutated.

Interestingly, that story was never picked up by the mainstream media. That event was pointed out on this site here.

In Pune India, scientists were concerned on the virus mutating and was pointed out here.

In Kenya, a H1N1 vaccine was discarded because of concern that the virus had mutated and that was pointed out on this site here.

Now a mutating virus emerges in Norway...


OSLO, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Norwegian health authorities said on Friday they have discovered a potentially significant mutation in the H1N1 influenza strain that could be responsible for causing the severest symptoms among those infected.

"The mutation could be affecting the virus' ability to go deeper into the respiratory system, thus causing more serious illness," the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said in a statement.

There was no reason to believe the mutation had any implication for the effectiveness of flu vaccines or antiviral drugs made by groups such as Roche (ROG.VX), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L), Novartis (NOVN.VX) and AstraZeneca (AZN.L), the authorities said.

(emphasis added)

Note the concern on ensuring the reader has information on no implication on the effectiveness of the flu vaccines and antiviral drugs made by groups like Roche, the maker of Tamiflu.

This is poor reporting on the part of Reuters because you have the recognition that the virus is mutating in such a way that it is becoming resistant to Tamiflu in the U.K. and in Canada.

Dr. Guy Boivin said people who've been exposed to the virus may already be in the process of becoming ill, a circumstance that can foster the emergence of Tamiflu-resistant viruses.

As of late last week the World Health Organization was reporting that 42 cases of Tamiflu-resistant pandemic H1N1 viruses had been seen globally since the pandemic began. The case Boivin reported on in the New England Journal of Medicine was the third, from late June.

Moreover, as pointed out in August on this site, the U.K. government ignored warnings on giving Tamiflu.

Advisers urged the Government to offer paracetamol to the public instead of Tamiflu, to stop the virus gaining resistance to the drug.

But the Department of Health advisers said ministers ignored their advice, even when it became clear the outbreak was mild.

The mutating virus has been written about for sometime on this site, here, here and here.

Given the fact that the H1N1 has mutated and the WHO and the CDC continued to deny it had, you have to ask why did they deny that it is mutating?

For one, the press clearly enabled the storyline from the WHO and the CDC when you consider Reuters in their two stories, have conflicting messages.

In one story, the drug was mutating, but there was no implication on the effectiveness of antiviral drugs in one story but in their other story, the virus is mutating in a manner that it has become resistant to the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

And with this, you have to question why would the CDC deny the virus was mutating.

Some have taken the position that there is some conspiracy by the government to trump up the dangers of the virus as an attempt to make people get vaccinated.

If that is the case, then why would the CDC deny that there is a mutating virus that is clearly getting stronger and is showing signs of becoming resistant to antiviral drug?

And then just recently state the vrus outbreak is cresting or declining?

With these statements, it is known that states like Alaska have quit testing for the H1N1 and the not reporting deaths caused by the H1N1 virus is a by-product of not testing for the virus.

And for that, you have to ask, if people knew or thought the virus was mutating, would they question the effectiveness of the current vaccines?

And would they get vaccinated?

Update: Here is an update on the H1N1 virus...

A cluster of four Tamiflu-resistant cases of H1N1 flu at Duke University Medical Center has raised concerns that changes in the virus may make severe infections more difficult to treat.

Three of the Duke patients died. All were adults, including two women and one man, and they had other major diseases, said Cameron Wolfe, an infectious-disease specialist at Duke. He said a fourth patient remains hospitalized.

Moreover, the Mirror in the U.K. has a short paragraph on concerns in the U.K. that the H1N1 that has mutated in the Ukraine may spread to the U.K.

And last, I know from the logs on traffic that this thread has been sent to the U.S. Senate.

And I am going to say that the information on the CDC's part in misinformation and ignoring warnings on taking Tamilfu may be looked at during Senate hearings on the H1N1.

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Why are they pushing the vaccines through government babysitting as well. I won't put that stuff in my body any more, and fear is we will be forced to take vaccines and other questionable drugs one day in order to receive healthcare.