Saturday, December 05, 2009

One Step Closer to a Nuclear Armed Iran

You think Afghanistan is important? Think again.... The latest headlines speak for themselves...

Der Spiegel: Iran One Year Away from Nuclear Bomb

It's 1938 and Iran is Germany

Will Iran Help or Hinder Obama in Afghanistan?

I am going to remind the conservatives who think McChrystal's plan on "Nation Building" is a good plan.

The focus is misplaced on Afghanistan when it should be placed on stopping Iran.

When you look at the rhetoric and how nations are dealing with Iran, a similar pattern is setting up on how Germany was handled.

If we adopt McChrystal's plan in Afghanistan, Iran will grow in power to where they have full nuclear capabilities.

The U.S. needs to take out the Iranian sites now. And in retaliation, troops in Afghanistan would be a target from short range missile attacks...

Moreover, has anyone given any thought to the effect Iran would have on Afghanistan if it had a nuclear weapon?

Who would stop Iran from saying "Afghanistan, you are ours" or "we want this type of government installed in Afghanistan". Pakistan? India? Russia?

What would the U.S. say to Iran once out of Afghanistan? This war in Afghanistan is not winnable until Iran's nuclear capabilities are taken out.

This is why, in part, I said we need to pull out of Afghanistan now and put troops in the Baltics.

The Indians, NATO, the Sri Lankans (who are trying to establish ties with the Baltics, figure that one out), along with drones and covert-ops can keep the war effort going in Afghanistan until Iran is taken care of.

There is no time for sanctions or embargoes.

Once we bomb Iran, it will send a clear message to the Jihadists, Russia and China. And it will break the support going into Afghanistan from Iran and Russia.

Moreover, if Medvedev thinks his ruse with the Vatican on diplomatic ties will bring redemption to Russia, the Muslims won't care for now.

Obama will try to continue to play along with Iran and China..... Until they (Iran and China) get tired of playing with Obama.

Then things get serious... And North Korea will not want to be left out...

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