Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fox Network Contributor Sarah Palin had me at "Crap"

I finally had the chance to see Sarah Palin on the Fox network with Bill O’Reilly.

And as a Fox network media figure, she had me at the word "crap".

However, for myself, she has now become less of a political figure. And as time moves on, the question will be asked; will she have a chance at a presidential bid in 2012?

I don't believe she will have a strong resume to run, other than being a successful Fox network contributor and public speaker to carry her in a presidential bid.

While resigning was the right thing for her to do, the act of resigning does not give her the opportunity to correct problems with Alaska legislation that was pushed by her and signed by her.

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Preston said...

Honestly, who else wanted her? She is perfect for "Fake News", enough said.