Thursday, January 14, 2010

Memo to Fox Network Contributor Sarah Palin: Beck to be CPAC closing speaker

Beck to be CPAC closing speaker

"CPAC is my kind of people," Beck said on the radio this morning. "CPAC is, I think they're as angry at the Republicans as I am."

Since starting at Fox in early 2009, Beck's profile has only continued to grow (along with his ratings and book sales). Over the year, he took an active role in promoting tea party rallies and calling attention to figures in the Obama administration, such as Van Jones. It was enough to land on the cover of Time.

In September, I looked at whether Beck had overtaken Rush Limbaugh as the leading conservative voice in the media. Incidentally, Limbaugh closed CPAC last year.

Beck said he's "humbled" to be taking the podium the year after Limbaugh, and addressing an audience in the keynote slot that went to Ronald Reagan in the 1980's.

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