Friday, January 15, 2010

World Net Daily's Ilana Mercer: Smacking Down Sarah Palin?

First, there was the CPAC issue with Sarah Palin and the scorn that followed. Now you now have this from World Net Daily...

Sarah Palin is in the news for a change, not for the most significant thing she has done of late, but for the least significant. Scrap that: Joining the Fox News lineup of analysts is hardly inconsequential, although it is a bad move.


I had sincerely hoped that Sarah Palin had come to realize that reviving the rigor-riddled Republican Party would be like trying to breathe life into a corpse. Neither possible, nor desirable.

The CPAC snub, coupled with Palin's endorsement, last year, of the Conservative Party's Doug Hoffman for the 23rd Congressional District of New York, made it look like she was indeed galloping away from the "GOP, RIP."

To the kids at C4P, have fun with this one. Isn't WND attending the same function Palin is attending?

Sold out! Palin-Farah ticket rocks tea-party convention

Makes me want to ask, Where is Obama's COB ...... I'm sure the kids at C4P will have an answer.

God help Palin if McCain gets a Tea Party supported opponent in Arizona.....

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