Saturday, February 06, 2010

Latvians Go After Russian "Loyalists"

Given the article is published by RT, the bias in favor of Russians is understandable.

Latvian ultra-rightist have started another witch-hunt by threatening “disloyal car owners” who fix Russian symbols, like St. George Ribbon, or a Russian national emblem or colors on their vehicles.

A website registered in the US and still operational, (Latvian in Latvia), has published a so-called "Okupantu autoparks,” an “Occupants’ car park,” list of those who dared to decorate their cars with the Russian symbols, revealing personal data of these citizens.

The black list reveals personal information and the names of 118 persons, including their home addresses and car plate numbers.

I can understand the sentiment among Latvians who feel that a display of loyalty towards Russia should be scrutinized, when you consider what happened in 1991 when Russia went on a violent rampage in Latvia.

Compare 1991 with today.

The Russian government has a history of commiting acts of violence against the Latvians. And it is well known that today, pro-Kremlin factions in Latvia continue to try to disrupt.

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