Saturday, February 06, 2010

This Guy Jesse Griffin has Some Serious Issues


What is interesting is that the same media outlet that today breathlessly reports how close the Palins were while Sarah Palin was Governor--too close for at least one reporter--earlier reported that the Palins were not close enough and headed for divorce. Consistency is not necessarily a hallmark for investigative journalists, but certainly truth should be.

Now I have no idea if this is directed at me, or perhaps some other media outlet, but since I broke the story perhaps I should address it.

When I reported my information, the Palin's were definitely having severe marital difficulties. (That has now been reported by a variety of sources.) And they were indeed throwing the word "divorce" around quite often. In my estimation they were probably headed for a separation or an actual divorce. Now that is just my estimation, there is no way to conclusively predict the future of their marriage.

However when I decided to report the Splitsville story I knew full well that they would almost certainly NOT get divorced once I reported it. By this time I had a kind of understanding of Sarah Palin and how her petulant mind worked. She would NEVER allow an Alaskan blogger, especially me, to get this scoop. NEVER!

Which is exactly the way I want it. Now Sarah and Todd are bound together in defiance, and possibly a lucrative monetary agreement, as the scandals just keep right on coming. Perfect.

Occasionally somebody will come over and try to poop on my parade by pointing out that I was wrong about their marriage and...and... "nanny nanny boo boo"! But those people must not play chess.

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