Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tea Partiers Urge Unity as Rifts Show


Joseph Farah, founder of, made questions over Obama's citizenship a centerpiece of his Friday night speech in Nashville and got a standing ovation from the crowd for broaching the controversial topic.

But some convention-goers and speakers on Saturday distanced themselves from the so-called "birther" movement, saying that's hardly a bread-and-butter tea party issue.


Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, who gave an electric speech Saturday morning vilifying the "mainstream media," ACORN and the liberal elite, afterward described the "birthers" as a fringe, saying the bulk of the convention participants did not come to discuss Obama's citizenship.

"These people came here because they have a common set of grievances about the government," he said.

Tom Fitton, president of convention sponsor Judicial Watch, said he was asked about Obama's eligibility to serve when he spoke Friday at the convention, but gave his stock response: "We're aware of no credible evidence that Barack Obama is not a citizen."

In another Foxnews blip it was stated:

Farah, a conservative newsman whose raison d'etre of late has been to challenge Obama's eligibility to be president, used the bulk of his remarks to hit that point -- and got quite a welcome reception from the hundreds of tea partiers in the room.

"Where's the birth certificate?" he asked, echoing the words from a controversial billboard campaign he started. "It's a simple question and it has not been answered."

The room burst into applause. When he first brought up the issue, Farah got a standing ovation.

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