Thursday, June 10, 2010

At the Crash Site In Smolensk, Who Did the Russians Shoot at?

With all of the focus that has been placed on the crash of the Polish president's plane, the international press has not focused much on the fact that the Polish press had landed at Smolensk.

And given the Polish press in the Yak-40 had landed, you would have thought that the press would have been waiting for the president's plane to land. And when the president's plane crashed, you would think that the press would have rushed to the scene of the tragic crash.

Well some in the Polish press are now starting to come forward with first-hand accounts of what happened at the crash site in Smolensk.

It was a terrible sight: the smoking remains of the aircraft, scattered bodies of the victims and the things belonging to them. Despite this tragedy, Smolensk place from the first minute after the fall of the aircraft attracted the curious and human hyena who wanted to get rich on the misery.
I find the use of the word "hyena" by one of the Polish press interesting because,
in a video taken by a Russian who was one of the first people to witness the crash site, you can here gunshots, laughter and both Poles and Russians yelling.

Some had thought that because you could hear Polish people yelling, survivors were being shot.

That was never proven.

But in the video that was authenticated by the Polish military, you can hear a Russian talking about finding booze, an indication that there was looting going on.

In the words of the Polish newsman who witnessed what was going on:

I heard someone praise that has the counter. Another spoke of the watch.
Then things taken away from the place of tragedy, you could buy - Slawomir
Wisniewski confirms the worst assumptions that in addition to credit cards
stolen from the victims of the disaster other valuable things.

(google translation)

In the story about the videographer, you can tell the Russians allowed the videographer to go public by the comments he made:

I saw this tragedy up close It was Saturday 10 April. Just working in his garage. It is no more than about 200 meters from a military airport "Siewiernyj. I was engrossed in work, when my attention turned to the approaching roar of landing aircraft. I raised my head. Suddenly, no more like 65 meters from my shop, I saw a flash of breaking and trees as matches. I immediately ran in that direction.

Nobody called for assistance At the crash site could get anyone, I was one of the first. I grabbed the cell phone and decided to record what I had before my eyes ... I tried to approach as close to the wreck, I almost succeeded. But I felt a fuel smell in the air and I realized that in a moment everything can explode.

I was surprised that the burning wreckage, scattered among things, broken trees can not see at all the people. Even thought it crashed machine or military transport, and not the passenger. No bodies, no wounded, and we do not hear anyone calling assistance. I was close enough and believe me that if I heard a cry for help, I would not hesitate for a second.

I heard the explosions of ammunition From the airport immediately began podbiegańá militiamen. They could not prevail over all. I only heard their cries in Russian. Nobody said a word in Polish, after all I recognized. Certainly no one spoke, nor did he shouted in Polish.

At the crash site there was a terrible chaos, a sudden roar pierced the silence. It was louder than the shot with a pistol, I'm sure. I once lived near the training ground and I know the sound of gunfire, so there could be no question of any mistake. Now, when I think about it, I am sure it must have the ammunition of the weapons that belonged to the presidential protection. Exploded in the fire and hence the noise.

The militiamen ran and chased onlookers When I arrived at the crash site of militia, tried to drive the gathering of onlookers and forbade touching any of the things from the wrecked plane. It was evident, however, that officers shall not prevail over the situation. They were nervous and did not know what to do. I saw an older man who was walking the forest path. You can go see him on film, who dialed the cell. Suddenly, the policeman ran up to him and shouted: - Go away old man!

Then turned the lens on your camera toward the ground, I did not want to burn the policeman's face. Therefore, only heard his voice. Do not realized that the video recording. He looked panicked and terrified. He said to me a word, just ran toward the plane.

(google translation)
Having read what was said by the Russian videographer, here is what the Polish newsman said:

The soldiers who arrived on the spot, focused on pulling the Polish journalists, rather than guarding the area. So anyone can enter, so these primitive thieves could be a lot more - he says.

Wisniewski threw himself over the scene as soon as he heard the roar of aircraft into the earth. They ran the locals there too. But only stopped his Russian uniform, he had a camera. The Russians did not want someone filmed what was happening at the scene.

(google translation)

It is clear that the Russian who took the video of the crash site is lying. There were both Poles and Russians yelling. There was looting and there were dead bodies at the scene. And they were right in the area that he was standing.

So, aside from the fact that Russian soldiers were looting the crash site, you now have to wonder about the story that was written by Bill Gertz for the Washington Times on NATO codes being found at the crash site.

The recent crash of a Polish military transport that killed most of Warsaw's senior civilian and military leaders was not only a human catastrophe for a key U.S. ally. NATO sources said that, in addition to the loss of nearly 100 pro-U.S. Polish leaders, the crash provided Moscow with a windfall of secrets.

And the timing of Germany and Russia tying the economic knot.

According to the strategy paper that was leaked by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia will need at least €1 billion until 2013 to upgrade its infrastructure as part of its modernization program, but also substantial technological assistance and investments from abroad.

The paper, which was published in Russian Newsweek, called for a “modernization alliance” with Germany that would go beyond the support given already by German industry and government for several major infrastructure projects.

These include the building of the Nord Stream gas pipeline that will bring Russian gas directly to Germany via a pipeline under the Baltic Sea; cooperation between the German and Russian railway companies; the involvement by Siemens, the electronics company, in building high-speed trains; and investments by Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW in the Russian automobile sector.
While NATO Turkey develops its ties with Iran.

The tragedy of Katyn is repeating itself but with a different military tact.

Hopefully Eastern Europe and Poland will not take the same course as history has shown.

The Poles would do well to remember to not make the same mistake and depend on Germany or the E.U. to be their ally, because the Russians, for a reason, were shooting at them on that tragic day on April 10th.

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