Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smolensk Radio Beacon: Automated NDB PAR-10

Here is the link that talks about the Automated NDB PAR-10 that is the marker beacon at Smolensk.

Complete set of PAR-10 and PAR-10S radio stations:
Homing transmitter P200 2
Automatic equipment rack P300 1
Power distribution device P501 1
Linear lead-in P502C 1
Control device for fire-extinguishing system P504 1
Mains filter P700 1
Voltage stabilizer CTC-10/0.5C 1
Marker beacon E615.5 1
USW radio station P-853 B1 1
Operating terminal of telecommand and teleindication equipment 1
Operations control terminal of telecommand and teleindication equipment 1
Stand-by electric power supply system:
- automatic control rack 1
- Diesel electric or petrol-fired power unit 2
- Remote control panel P707 1
Radio station ADU 1
Phone set TA-57 1
Fire-extinguisher OSU-5 4
Electric heater 4
Fan 2
Check-out and measuring devices:
- oscilloscope C1-125 1
- electric measuring device 1
- frequency meter ChZ-63/1 1
20m T-shaped antenna or 5m antenna (on request) 1
Device P506 for matching with telecommand and teleindication equipment 1
Mains lead-in panel P702 1
Signalling panel P704 1
Signalling panel P705 1
Spare parts kit UZ 1.240.006 ZIP

Emphasis added.

The ZIL 131

The Gaz-66

Military vehicle and mast antennas at radio beacon at Smolensk.

Lantern being used with PAR-10 at a different location.



The same type of light is on top of a building that has the same type of antennas that are at Smolensk in the link below.



There is a reason why the lantern is made from neon and it is the color red. You can read why here.

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